Residential Landscape Lighting Design

July 8, 2014
With residential landscape

Goldman400A home is not just a house. A home is a sanctuary, an abode, a reflection of your inner being and deepest values. As such, the outdoor portion of your property can be just as much a home to you as the interior of your dwelling. Residential landscape lighting can extend your home atmosphere into every square inch your property, turning darkness into a decorative living experience unsurpassed by those around you. With Illuminations Lighting Design as your consulting partner in this venture, you can express your own inner vision for an outdoor living experience with a residential landscape lighting theme that complements function and entertainment with a singular aesthetic. You need more than just the right equipment to achieve this. Clients need the best landscape lights and fixtures for residential outdoor design, and you need technicians who can plan and implement that design with respect to your personal lifestyle and sensibilities.

As more and more people are installing floodlights, security lights, and patio lights, there will be nothing unique about one more home on the block having an illuminated yard. In fact, certain lights purchased from typical retailers can even degrade the quality of the home by making it look generic and equivalent to neighboring residences. Lighting design is more than technology. It is an art and a science unto itself. ILD will set your home apart from the ones around you with a residential landscape lighting theme that complements the design and style of your dwelling’s architecture. Every house is unique in some capacity, and ILD knows this. Our specialists have trained extensively in construction techniques and have spent many years learning how to spot key points of distinction that make a house one of kind. After extensive consultation with a home owner, and after careful analysis of the physical residence, our landscape lighting design team will know exactly what equipment to use and what installation strategies to implement to make your home stand out as your neighborhood’s supreme example of excellence. By utilizing shadows and light, we can create sub themes within the overall theme of your residential landscape lighting design, and we can take this effect one step further with home lighting automation strategies that allows you to directly manipulate and alter these effects at will.

We have a number of residential landscaping and lighting techniques that offer you benefits few, if any, other companies can implement. We train our staff to look for ways to utilize every feature of a yard as a residential landscape lighting element or compliment. With special mounting techniques that are tree and plant friendly, we can utilize living things themselves as decorative elements without harm or detriment to life or its quality. With an advanced knowledge of mathematics and geometry, our certified technicians know where to find the very best angles for installation so unsightly equipment remains hidden from normal view. With low voltage residential landscape lighting equipment, and with special fixtures designed specifically for patio lighting, tree lighting, floodlighting, and fountain lighting, we can minimize glare and objectionable hot spots, creating the illusion of sourceless light that appears to spring spontaneously from the ether itself.

Don’t neglect the outdoor portions of your property as mere ground your home sits on. Call Illuminations Lighting Design to turn your entire property into an innovative and complementary expression of the meaning of “home.” Residential landscape lighting is more than a service offering. It’s a living experience you’ll enjoy for countless years to come.

Contact us online or call us today at 713-863-1133 or toll free at 800-863-1184. We look forward to serving you!

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