Landscape Design for small Garden

May 7, 2015
Landscape Design For Small
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Small Garden Ideas

Having a small space to create a garden doesn’t mean you can’t have the garden you want. Here are some small space gardening ideas to help you create the garden you’ve always wanted!

When you don’t have the square footage, grow vertically! Add trellises or stacked flower pots to your garden. These garden ideas will maximize the amount of foliage, flowers, and/or edibles you can grow in a small space. Star Jasmine is a hearty evergreen vine that can easily grow on trellises to provide a backdrop of green, along with wonderfully scented white flowers in the spring and summer. Other plants for vertical garden ideas include: climbing Iceberg roses, tomatoes, grapes, beans, and wisteria.

Create a beautiful outdoor room. Installing a pergola can define a space and make it feel larger than it really is. Installing gravel or decomposed granite as paving are cheap and low maintenance garden ideas. Make sure you install a weed barrier beneath the gravel to prevent weeds from popping up. Enhance the space with beautiful outdoor furniture or even a fire pit! These small garden ideas can turn any space into a beautiful entertainment area or relaxing retreat.

Some small garden ideas make use of simple objects to attract attention. Add some drama to your garden by installing an interesting focal point. An arched arbor with climbing roses attached, a beautiful fountain, or even some colorful pots can draw the eye in and make the space seem larger. Other focal point garden ideas include a beautiful tree, a large grouping of flowering shrubs, or a statue.

Curving walkways and installing textural changes are garden ideas that can create a relaxed atmosphere. Curving walkways give the visitor a sense of walking through a large landscape. Curved walkways also allow for you to slowly walk through a garden, taking in all of its elements. Using different materials to create your pathways can add interest and textural changes to your garden. Try using a loose gravel or textured concrete to create a more natural and organic feel.

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garden Landscape for small spaces
garden Landscape for small spaces
garden design ideas for small gardens photos
garden design ideas for small gardens photos
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