Desert Landscape Design Ideas

September 18, 2016
Desert landscape design
Landscaping ideaGood use of different colored rock, larger plants
in background and smaller plants in foreground.
Colorful but a bit too crowded.
Colorful 'rose rock' river bed, most are made with grey river rock.
This one is different, it adds contrast to the landscape.
Curving flagstone steps draw the eye up, very nice.
This landscape needs more plants, especially
around the electrical and telephone boxes.
Maybe a few boulders too. Landscaping idea Grass is not against stucco, very good.
Shrubs that are against house are low water usage plants,
trees are well-spaced in the lawn.
Teracing with large boulders helps to
break-up this larger-than-average landscape
Crape myrtle looks nice but that's about all.
Landscape designer needed.
Could use a bit more help with the design.
Only one color of rock, two boulders just plopped down
and a few non-desert landscape plants scattered about.
Colorful contrasting rock,
but needs something like a Chitalpa, Desert Willow
or Vitex tree on the mound and
a larger, taller shrub to cover the telephone box. Landscaping idea Use larger rock on steep slopes to curb errosion.
Terracing might be a good idea for this landscape.
These folks must have really wanted
that "patch of green grass", but didn't want to cut the lawn,
they have a low maintenance rock yard with synthetic turf.
Planting shrubs around the electrical box to hide it is a good idea,
however grasses tend to die-back in the winter.
Evergreen shrubs would be a better choice. Landscaping idea If you live at the end of a street and are worried about
a car plowing into your home some night,
a few well placed boulders might help.
Designer needed. Scattering a few nandina shrubs
around, just doesn't quite do it.
This landscape needs something tall planted on that mound,
maybe an Ash or Chitalpa tree, and a few shrubs planted
in front of those telephone boxes to hide them.
A rock and a dead palm tree, just not enough.
This purple sage shrub is really large and beautiful,
when planted alone, as a specimen, it looks very nice.
Sotols and other desert plants don't look too good pruned,
so choosing a plant that will fit the size of your yard is very important.
This landscape needs a designer!
Big rabbitbrush is too large of a plant for this tiny spot.
A smaller plant like cherry sage would look better
and not encroach on the walkway and entrance.
Grass, terraced rock and a mix of desert and
traditional landscape plants can look very good if done right.
Landscaping idea Landscaping idea Landscaping idea Landscaping idea
Desert Landscaping | Desert Landscaping Ideas.wmv
Desert Landscaping | Desert Landscaping Ideas.wmv
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