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November 24, 2015
Nice Backyard Landscaping
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Backyard Design Ideas

Your backyard is a place for family, friends, fun, and relaxation. Here are a few different backyard design ideas to inspire the perfect space for any activity!

Install an outdoor fire pit. This is a backyard design idea that will bring everyone together around a centralized area. Whether it is to roast marshmallows or to feel the warmth of the fire, people will congregate around a glowing fire pit. Using different materials such as stone and granite will add a warm earthy feel to the area, or use metal to create more of a modern feel.

Including an outdoor bocce ball court in your backyard design will create a space where the whole family can have fun. Bocce ball courts can be created from compacted rock dust, concrete, sand, synthetic turf, or real grass. If you have some extra space and want to create a unique backyard design, installing a bocce ball court is an excellent option. You can choose to use simple materials that blend into your landscape, or make the court a point of interest by using materials that stand out against the garden.

Any great backyard design should include a space for seating, so you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your garden. Take your backyard design a step further and provide a space for outdoor dining. Installing a large, rustic style table with benches or chairs will allow a large group of people to gather and enjoy your garden. Place the table under a shaded patio or out in the garden to enhance everyone’s dining experience. Create visual interest by using colorful cushions or by displaying cut flowers.

Including a fountain in your backyard design will introduce a calming and cooling effect to your garden. The sound of water is calming and creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Fountains come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you want your backyard design to be modern, rustic, formal, or natural, there is a fountain that will fit into any design.

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