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November 10, 2017
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Barangaroo reinforces a continuous Sydney Harbor Circle Walk. When the Barangaroo link is completed, people will enjoy an uninterrupted 14-kilometer foreshore walk from Woolloomooloo to the Anzac Bridge. The Circle Walk includes the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Darling Harbor, the ANZAC and Iron Cove Bridges, and Milsons Point.

Restoring the Harbor

After 1836 the original headland and foreshore were cut away to create space for wharves and maritime industrialization, a process that continued through the 1960s.

The transformation of Barangaroo restores the relationship between the natural archipelago of islands and headlands in Sydney Harbor and acknowledges the importance of indigenous history before European settlement. The re-creation of the harbor headland gives the site clear access to the harbor.

Repairing Connections

Barangaroo aims to bring all parts of Sydney together: east, west, north, and south. Most importantly, the continuous waterfront foreshore reconnects Walsh Bay to Kings Wharf, repairing the east-west connection missing from the city. Additionally, reconnecting Millers Point to the waterfront re-establishes Sydney’s first neighborhood as one of contemporary and historic significance.

NW OK County Estate Concept 1 - Realtime Landscape
NW OK County Estate Concept 1 - Realtime Landscape ...
WFBC-Design Concepts
WFBC-Design Concepts
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