Landscape Design and Horticulture

June 29, 2018
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Horticulture And Landscape Design Resume Samples


Professional horticulturists and landscape architects are the hardworking and creative people who draw and then execute plans for public parks, green spaces, businesses and private residences. These professionals are experts in all forms of local plant life, and they know how to cultivate outdoor and indoor plants that contribute to the beauty and functionality of gardens, lawns and grounds.

If youメre looking for work in landscape design, youメll need a bachelorメs degree, a license to practice (more on that later), and a strong resume.

As you create your resume, youメll have two options: you can get help from sophisticated resume creation tools and templates like those available through LiveCareer, or you can create your resume from the ground up on your own.

If you choose the second option, youメll take responsibility for your own wording and formatting decisions, but you wonメt be alone. This collection of horticulture and landscape design resumes can guide you through the process and so can the information below.

Horticulture and landscape design resume samples like these can give you sense of what your own profile should look like and can also show you what your potential employers and clients may be looking for in terms of your experience and credentials.

Just as important, looking at examples can shed some light on some of the smart moves and also some of the mistakes that are commonly made by applicants and job seekers in your chosen field. Use them to keep you on track and help you recognize when a certain phrase or formatting decision doesnメt look quite right.

In addition to the horticulture and landscape design resume samples shared here, you can use the sections below to help you navigate through each aspect of the drafting and editing process.

New Landscape Design
New Landscape Design
Landscape Design Maintenance
Landscape Design Maintenance
Planet Horticulture Bay Area Landscape Design
Planet Horticulture Bay Area Landscape Design
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