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June 18, 2015
Landscape Lighting Software
Garden Light Led partners with Landscape Lighting Software.

Jim Middleton Sales Manager at Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting, Inc.

"Garden Light LED is excited to partner with Landscape Lighting Software.
The software allows a user to create a lighting design that provides a very near realistic picture of what the end result of a landscape lighting system would look like. This is software that is unique and long overdue in the lighting industry. Just a small initial investment can create great opportunities for high returns. We are glad to be a part of the next generation in landscape lighting and design."
Thank you,
Mario Casillas / Garden Light LED

Pleasure of doing business with Landscape Lighting Software."Our Company has had the pleasure of doing business with Landscape Lighting Software for the last year.
They have always operated in a professional and ethical manner and the Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects software we purchased has successfully produced numerous successful projects over that period of time."
Don Scuotto
Founder/CEO - Senior Designer at Sunset LightScapes Inc.

Dauer Lighting partners with Landscape Lighting Software."Dauer is pleased that landscape lighting professionals now have access to a very creative tool "Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects" that features our durable fixtures, " said Dauer Manufacturing President Craig Komparens.
"The top designers are the ones who understand that landscape lighting is a science as well as an art. They want the latest and greatest LED technologies, and they want the latest and greatest design technologies."
Craig Komparens
Owner / Dauer Manufacturing

"P.M. Lighting, LLC is pleased to add Landscape Lighting Software as a vendor partner to offer our dealers one of the best landscape lighting imaging design software available today."

"Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effect are easy to use. Photo imaging design software is very cost effective and will pay for itself after just a few uses."
Terry Lawrence
President / P.M. Lighting

P.M. Lighting LLC partners with Landscape Lighting Software."Landscape Lighting Software just recently introduced their landscape lighting design package featuring ClaroLux Landscape Lighting fixtures."

"No longer will you have to wait for it to get dark to show your customer how their home or landscape will look. With Landscape Lighting Software’s design program you can now take a picture of what you are wanting to illuminate, upload it to your computer, and begin to design your landscape lighting system. It is that easy."
Brandon Helms
CEO / ClaroLux

Landscape Lighting Software is Easy to Learn

I bought the Landscape Lighting and Effects program 1 years ago. For the price, I was really impressed with what it could do and was really appreciative of the videos providing step by step use instructions. For a guy like me with limited computer knowledge and limited time to spend learning new software...This was a huge help.

Landscape Lighting Software helped me obtain my first landscape lighting job by allowing me to provide a customer a visual of what she could expect with the finished product. Plus the customer service provided to me was exceptional. Extremely patient with helping me get set up!! Thank You!!

Michael Demarco / DeMarco Electric Saint Louis, MO | I install Volt Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Ahead of the Competition

"The software works! "I think that anybody that is a lighting contractor should have these programs because it is going to put you so far ahead of the competition nobody is going to be able to touch you, because it gives you just a little bit more of an edge, and that is what we need in this business - an edge! Constantly!

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation, Bergen County, NJ
Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation, Bergen County, NJ
Bergen County, New Jersey - Outdoor Lighting Design
Bergen County, New Jersey - Outdoor Lighting Design
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