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September 10, 2015
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luxury pool
  • This pool designed and built by Alderete Pools of southern California features all the bells and whistles. Every unique item adds cost such as the raised stone wall behind the three urn fountain, two bar seats and a raised spa with Pebbletech, mosaic glass waterline tile, stone veneer and flagstone paving with unique lighting.
  • This two level pool by Cipriano Landscape Design of New Jersey features dramatic LED lighting, an infinity edge, waterfall and slide, all of which are above the basic pool cost.
  • The simplicity of this pool by Shades of Green is simple, modern and features an under coping pool cover, stone wall and urn fountains which are all more affordable options.
  • Revamping a traditional rectangular swimming pool with contemporary decking, waterline tile and plaster option brings costs down while increasing the timelessness of simple design.

Swimming Pool Prices Based on Type

$20, 000 - $55, 000: Concrete/Gunite and Custom Pools

$15, 000 - $25, 000: Fiberglass Pools

$1, 500 - $5, 000: Vinyl-lined Pools

small poolA traditional in-ground swimming pool is often the most expensive part of a new landscape, but it is also the pinnacle of amenity. Estimates show that adding a pool to your homesite can increase its overall value from 7% to 15% if it is well built and attractive. However, pools that are constructed with alternative methods to traditional gunite can, in the future, present a liability.

Swimming pools are consistent in their construction costs. The causes of variability are the many options possible for increasing their visual appeal or diversity. Your family and lifestyle will dictate what options are important to you personally and whether the cost for these upgrades is within your budget.

Standard Pool BasicsSize: The pool size trends today are toward smaller pools, but large sprawling homesites will demand a pool in scale with the setting. Consider a 20 by 30 foot rectangular pool the standard, averaging about 600 square feet of surface area. That area can be altered in shape without much change in cost, but if it is larger or smaller, then the difference in square footage will have a direct impact on the finished cost.

infinity edge pool emediterranean pool
Small Backyard Pool Designs
Small Backyard Pool Designs
Small Backyard Pools Designs
Small Backyard Pools Designs
backyard design tool pool
backyard design tool pool
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