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April 8, 2016
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Lewis_AquaTech_3D_landscape design Software_ImageEvery month we speak to thousands of awesome pool and landscape designers.

They ask us if 3D landscape design software is worth the time and money investment, and that’s an important question.

Since we make 3D landscape design software, we sure think it's worth it. But that doesn't mean it's right for your business. So this article will discuss the pros and cons of 3D landscape design software, and you can decide if it's right for you.

Why 3D?

Outdoor Fire Place Design in VizTerraUsing 3D landscape and pool software gives you the tools to walk prospective clients through their redesigned outdoor spaces before ever breaking ground. Plus, the software’s capabilities will wow customers and help you sell more designs.

One of the main pros to using 3D software is that you can show prospects their properties from different angles and vantage points.

The 3D software will allow the clients to digitally experience the property, like walking across the deck into the house. You’re basically able to let them test drive the design.

You can also show clients what their landscapes will look like during the day and at night — something you just can’t do with drawings.

All of these features help you become the tech-savvy designer your clients are expecting. They want personal designs that help them visualize their future space — not flat drawings and lines.

3D landscape design softwareNinety-five percent of clients don’t understand 2D drawings, says Don Gwiz, head of sales for Lewis Aquatech, which uses Pool Studio. They don’t understand the colors and spaces on 2D. But with 3D, things are put into perspective for the space to come alive, he adds. Gwiz’s team use 3D landscape and pool design software to show color, depth, scale, plant size and more.

You can also add in elements unique to each customer, like a dog or car. That will give them a real connection to the space, helping you close the deal.

3D_landscape_design_software_interfaceTo really up the wow factor, Gwiz’s team doesn’t tell clients they are going to create 3D designs upfront. Instead, they say they will give them a “concept sketch.” They don’t want to set the bar too high beforehand so they can exceed expectations with the 3D design.

But clients not only want to be impressed, they also want to know where their money is going. Greg Smith, founder of The Swimming Man, likes to walk his clients through the details of his designs, which helps set realistic expectations. The customers can also see exactly where their money is going.

Having more possibilities can also cause issues, though. Some clients can get sidetracked by what is possible when they see 3D. Without proper client control, change requests can pile up. You'll need to get used to explaining what you as the expert know will make them happy and keep them focused.

Cost of Using 3D

If you’re questioning whether you should buy 3D landscape design software, one of your biggest concerns is probably the price.


free 3d landscape design programs
free 3d landscape design programs
3D Landscape Design Software | VisionScape
3D Landscape Design Software | VisionScape
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Landscape Designer - Software CAD 2D e 3D per il Garden
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