Fine Design Landscaping

November 13, 2017

This 1-2 hour consultation provides an overview of the health and appearance of an existing garden, and includes recommendations for improvements or necessary changes to bring the garden to its potential.

Landscape Design Service

  • Initial Visit: Similar to a consultation, this visit allows the designer and the homeowners to get to know each other, discuss specific needs and desires for the new landscape, and to assess the state of the existing garden.
  • Measurements of the property & dwelling: These are necessary for creating a base plan for the new landscape design. While most often provided by the homeowners (either by taking the measurements or by providing original architectural, construction, or former landscape design plans), the designer can arrange to obtain these measurements for a separate fee.
  • Preliminary design concept: Based on the information gathered during the initial visit, and the unique conditions of the specific site location, the designer creates a conceptual garden design.
  • Design presentation: During this 1-2 hour visit, the designer presents the conceptual garden design, including the planting plan, plant list, photos of plant materials, garden accessories, and hardscape construction materials, and a separate list of recommended landscape contractors. The homeowners provide their feedback and any desired changes are discussed.
  • Final design: Multiple copies of the finalized landscape design concept (including the planting plan, plant list, construction, planting and irrigation notes) are provided to the homeowners. Based on these plans, installation cost estimates can be obtained from the recommended landscape contractors.
  • Garden Maintenance Checklist: A detailed list of recommended, seasonal landscape maintenance tips is provided, which helps to ensure the continued success of the new landscape.
  • Landscape installation: For an additional fee, the designer can oversee the landscape installation, so that it is installed to the design specifications.
Rooster by Jana Morgan in the demonstration garden

Fine Garden Maintenance

This service is tailored to the individual garden and its owners, and includes quarterly, monthly, semimonthly or weekly visits. Agi maintains some of her designed gardens as well as those designed by other professionals. She uses organic and environmentally friendly methods and does not employ any gas-powered equipment. Lawn care and pruning of large trees are not part of her maintenance service, but she can recommend appropriate professionals.

Mattituck Landscape Design-Pembrooke Fine Landscapes
Mattituck Landscape Design-Pembrooke Fine Landscapes
East Quogue Landscape Design-Pembrooke Fine Landscapes
East Quogue Landscape Design-Pembrooke Fine Landscapes
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