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December 5, 2016
Dinardi Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Choosing the right landscaping can bring your garden or outdoor space alive. Consider making a practical and useful area for your family or creating a relaxing haven, a space for dining, kids play area or vegetable garden.
At David James we have lots of experience in helping you make these choices, providing both inspiration and practical support to get you on your way.
Whatever your style, the team at David James has all the knowledge and expertise you need to create your perfect garden space.

Planting, Lawns, Irrigation

Having qualified and experienced landscapers translates into a professional, well done job. Our soft landscaping team has years of experience in tree and shrub planting, including planting our specimen trees, which are in bigger bags and can be up to 5 metres high.

David James is experienced in the three main types of lawn installation: seed, ready lawn, and hydro seeding. All of these need to have a good base prepared to ensure the new lawn establishes itself.

If irrigation to lawn and garden areas is desirable we can advise on this. Our team is experienced in pop up lawn systems, drip line, and immersion garden systems.

Mulch and Topsoil

The tree crews at David James process all their brushwood through chippers. This produces mulch which is then available to be applied back onto the soil. This is of huge benefit for both the tree and tree owner. The tree gets better access to water (moisture retention) and the owner can relax on the deck chair for longer (weed suppression).

We also have unscreened and screened top soil available, prices are available on request.

Te_Ranui_2.jpg Paving and Paths

Looking for a hard, good looking surface for your entertainment area? Then look no further than our range of pavers, including the Terrazzo Veneto, Stonevue, and Nubrik. Come and see our display area at 247 Vickerman Street, Grovetown to get a feel for how these pavers could look at your place. As well as supplying pavers, we offer a laying service.

Need a concrete path, maybe with exposed aggregate, or a granite highlight? Not a problem.

Decking, Pergolas and Fences

If it’s a wood product we can put it together. Also check out our new range of seats, pergolas, and garden boxes.

Block and Stone Walls, Retaining Walls

On our team here at David James, we have bricklayers and staff experienced in stone masonry. Check out the photos displaying some of the projects we have been involved in.

Landscape Maintenance

Creating a beautiful landscape is one thing, maintaining it is another. If you want to keep your new plantings and hard areas in tip top shape, then we can assist you in this. A site-specific landscape plan is created for each different project. Technically competent staff are allotted to the project. We also derive a good deal of satisfaction seeing landscape projects maintained to show them off as they were designed to be.
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