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July 12, 2017
Finding Your Ideal Landscape

City facility at nightFormerly known as the Project Management and Maintenance Services, the Facility and Landscape Infrastructure Branch contributes to the City’s strategic plan by building and maintaining facilities and building landscapes and parks that meet the needs of all Edmontonians. The Branch supports the needs of its clients and partners throughout the capital construction process.

Our Vision

Enhancing the lives of Edmontonians through the way we plan, build and sustain facilities, landscapes and parks.

Our Mission

Guided by strong project management principles and a commitment to excellence, we plan, build and sustain outstanding facilities, landscapes and parks that are transforming Edmonton.

Our Values

  • Commitment: As stewards we lead. We are dedicated to providing our partners, clients and Edmontonians with exceptional service today and for the future.
  • Excellence: We are proud of our work. We look for ways to continuously improve and innovate because we know our work makes a difference.
  • Collaboration: We work together to meet the needs of our clients, partners and citizens.
  • Integrity: We do as we say. We are accountable for our work and lead by example.
  • Safety: We are committed to creating safe environments.

Key Functions by Section

Buildings Design and Construction (BDC)

BDC manages the design, construction, demolition and environmental remediation of facilities for City Departments and Agencies, including the project’s scope, schedule and budget. Utilizing project management best practices, BDC ensures that a project meets the needs of clients and key stakeholders while complying with legislative requirements and City policies, bylaws and procedures.

Corporate Centre for Project Management (CCPM)

CCPM frames the governance around project management and supports employees in capital project management. Services include developing corporate project management practices, tools and training to assist City staff in managing projects more effectively.

Facility Architecture and Engineering (FAE)

FAE provides technical expertise in project development, architecture and engineering. The section supports the Branch in resolving issues that emerge throughout a project, as well as during the operations and maintenance of a facility.

Facility Maintenance Services (FMS)

FMS operates and proactively maintains City facilities through routine maintenance, preventative maintenance and custodial services. Using life cycle analysis, FMS works to maximize the lifespan of a facility while minimizing disruptions to public services. FMS also provides energy management services on behalf of the City, including the negotiation of energy supply contracts and developing energy conservation programs for City facilities.

Park and Facility Development (PFD)

PFD provides facility and landscape infrastructure planning services for Branches within Community Services. As part of this work, PFD collaborates with Branches, their partners and the community to define program needs and develop functional program plans and business cases during the strategy and concept phases of capital project development. PFD also supports the capital development process for Department partners (such as Community Leagues, Sports Clubs, etc.) by coordinating the review and approval of their capital projects.

Landscape Design and Construction (LDC)

LDC manages the design and construction of parks, playgrounds, sports fields and other landscape projects for City Branches and Departments and external community-funded projects. Utilizing project management best practices, LDC provides effective oversight to ensure that a project meets the intended requirements with respect to budget, scope, and schedule in addition to complying with legislative requirements and City policies and procedures.

EP2_Before you hire a landscape designer
EP2_Before you hire a landscape designer
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Edmonton Sherwood Park Landscaping Contractor
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