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July 4, 2016
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Hardscape Installation
The incorporation of a hardscape installation into a general landscape design and installation must be done carefully so as to minimize the additional time required for the overall project. Lipp Landscaping has a great deal of experience in hardscape installations, employing only reputable installers, and using only the best materials. We have successfully installed garden borders, "dry stack" stone garden walls, small retaining walls, patios, walkways, and more.

Contemporary hardscape materials come in a great variety of patterns, colors, shapes and sizes, and our customers' imaginations have dreamed up some very creative ideas for adding hardscapes to their total landscaping packages.

Waterscape Features
When a water feature is built correctly, they enhance both the beauty and the sound of your landscape. When it comes to water features, New Jersey offers great opportunities because our landscapes are full of slopes that are perfect for creating your own beautiful waterfall.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in residential and commercial waterscape design. Our goal is to offer aesthetically pleasing water features to your landscape design that are efficient in cost and maintainability.

Water features will help you discover focus, interest and drama when you include them into your landscape plan. Let your imagination flow! We are the waterscape experts. We specialize in installing and maintaining ponds, fountains and waterfalls.

Outdoor Lighting
New Jersey summers call millions of residents to entertain outdoors after the sun goes down.
If you have spent considerable time on your landscape design, it’s only natural to take the next step and install an outdoor lighting system that will illuminate all the features of your front and back yard. If your lawn is a lush green, your flowers blooming, and shrubs manicured, the lighting system you envision should bring your landscape from darkness to light the minute the sun goes down.

Our lighting design company uses all the latest technology and innovations, plus years of experience to create and design outdoor lighting systems that enhance those special features for every home and business we work with..

Landscape Planting Design in New Jersey by Robert Bradley
Landscape Planting Design in New Jersey by Robert Bradley ...
Outstanding Landscaping Design in New Jersey
Outstanding Landscaping Design in New Jersey
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Landscape Design/Build: Pool and Patio, Rumson, New Jersey 2
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