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September 16, 2015
Having a well manicured lawn

3D virtual landscape designStep 1: Initial Contact
Once we receive contact from a prospective client, we begin a screening process immediately to determine in which way we can best service this customer. We will ask where they are located, what kind of project they are looking to do, if they have a timeline or a budget, how they heard of us, and if they have visited our web site to understand the services we provide. If we are able to meet the customer’s needs, we then set up a consultation at the customer's home or location of the project, making sure all parties involved will be there. If we cannot meet the customer’s needs for their project, we refer the appropriate resource(s) to do so.

Step 2: Initial Consultation
We will call the morning of the scheduled consultation to confirm the time with the customer. A design representative will meet the customer(s) at the location of the prospective project at the assigned time. At this time, the representative will ask the customer to explain their thoughts and vision for the project. Once the customer has completed explaining their thoughts, the representative will ask some additional questions pertaining to what will be needed to cater to this customers and family’s immediate and future needs. We also consider factors such as: resale value, township ordinances, safety, a well-balanced design, and appropriately scaled project based on home and location. The representative will then explain the property’s potential, what can be done to work with the existing flow of the property, point out problem areas that could jeopardize the project, show the customer examples of specific items through idea books, an approximate cost to construct individual items or services, and finally provide options to achieve the customer’s goals. At this point, if the customer wants to move forward with the project, a design will have to done by us. A design is mandatory, unless the project is of small scale. The designs we offer give even the most skilled eyes and commercial professionals an exact perspective of the proposed project.3D virtual landscape design The customer will have to sign off on the design once approved for contract purposes, and is mandatory for the crew that will be installing the project. Due to the fact that some designs and fine tuning of proposals can take some time, customers often want to be sure they are appropriately placed on the schedule in the meantime. For this reason, we allow customers to place a designated deposit, which is based on the size of the project, to assure them the next available position on our schedule while the design and proposal is done to satisfy both parties.

Step 3: Pre-design Stage

The representative will gather the necessary data to create a 3D design which will include:

- A property survey of the lot (that will need to be provided from the customer)
- Taking all the necessary elevations of the property
- Pictures of the property and home
- Dimensions of the home and property
- Take other necessary notes to establish proper proposal

Step 4: The 3D Landscape Design
All of our designs are custom made for each individual customer. They will include the customer's home, property, and necessary surroundings. We will include items that we provide installation for along with others such as pools, outdoor roofs, pergolas, gazebos, etc.

Above is a narrated video that will take you through the benefits, usage, realism, and advantages of using a 3D design in comparison to a traditional topographic or CADD design for your landscape project. The video contains images of a past project illustrating the before, after, and video of the design accepted for the project.

Step 5: The Proposal

Once the designer finishes up the design for the project he will then assemble a proposal for construction of the design. This will describe each item individually. If you’re doing a paver patio, outdoor fireplace, and waterfall, each will be separated. The specifications and cost will be attached to each individually. This gives the customer the ability to choose which items are best suited for their needs.

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Landscaping Services in Pittsburgh, PA – Decterra, Inc
Landscaping Services in Pittsburgh, PA – Decterra, Inc
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