Landscape Design Courses Sydney

November 24, 2015
Landscape design courses

Learn how to design your own garden and increase the value of your home. Whether your garden requires a full make-over or a few adjustments, this course will help you make the most of your outdoor space by teaching you the elements of landscape design and appropriate plant selection.

This six-week course offers a combination of practical and theoretical classes. The course is very hands on and aims to provide as much practical time working in a garden as possible. With four to five of the six classes being held in the gardens of class members (where possible), you will get ample time and opportunity to create and perfect your perfect landscape design.


  • Discussion of expectations and class members gardens
  • Introduction to physical and environmental aspects of gardens
  • Preparation of a Mud Map.
  • Functional aspects of gardens
  • Design Aspects including; vantage points, focal points, colour, depth, period styles
  • Demonstrations of how to plant a plant, watering, feeding and pruning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of major physical attributes of gardens, including geography, climate, soil, water, etc.
  • Awareness of key functional aspects of garden design (pathways, entertainment and other uses of the garden, over-shadowing, privacy, and constraints.
  • Increased knowledge of important elements of landscape design (creating depth, direction, blending with other structures and period details, awareness of vantage points, use of colour and proportion and how utilize them.
  • Increased knowledge of appropriate plant selection and the sourcing of plant materials and hard landscaping materials.

About the tutor

Annie Cooney has had a lifelong interest in home and garden design and after qualifying as a landscape designer, has been designing gardens in Inner Sydney for the past 6 years. As a local she is familiar with the terrain, and enjoys the challenges of designing gardens that are beautiful, functional and sustainable, while blending with existing structures.

Additional Information

Please bring along an A4 blank note pad for notes and drawings

Important Information

This course aims to be as practical as possible in terms of what can be acheived in students' gardens. There is an opportunity for four to five of the six classes to be held in the gardens of participating students. The arrangements for the garden visits will be discussed in the first session which will be held in the Rozelle Campus. Naturally not every students' garden can be visited and location and accessibility will be taken into consideration.

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