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July 18, 2017
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Landscape designer resume sample

Linda Bellamy


To work in a firm where I will put my designing, planning and implementing skills to work to produce an environment-friendly atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to work in.


  1. Vast experience in landscape designing
  2. Great knowledge in all the principles and procedures required in landscape architect
  3. Able to make elaborate plans and implement them
  4. Highly skilled in project management
  5. Able to research, plan, design and analyze all alternatives before embarking on a project
  6. Highly knowledgeable in standard principles and practices of landscaping
  7. Able to represent the project to the relevant groups in an easy-to-understand language
  8. Able to interpret and explain even complex laws and codes to the other employees
  9. Good at interpreting blueprints and site plans
  10. Excellent at communicating with both seniors and juniors
  11. Conversant with various computer software related to landscape design e.g. GIS
  12. Knowledgeable on strength properties of different construction materials.


Landscape Designer, 2009-Present
Hermes Landscaping, Lenexa, KS


  • Managing contracts which include coming up with the scope of work and the budget that will go with it
  • Preparing written projects and making the necessary recommendations
  • Providing advice to the relevant departments and explaining the regulations and planning policies involved
  • Preparing staff reports for use in the development of landscape designs
  • Conducting site inspections to check whether the projects are compliant with existing laws
  • Assisting in plan updates and reviewing city ordinances
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