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July 6, 2015
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"Kate is recognised for her ability to understand the integrated nature of landscape design and art and coordinate and implement sensitive and creative projects."

Kate Cullity


BSc Botany DipEd University of WA PhD RMIT Associate Adjunct Professor University of Adelaide AILA

Kate Cullity is a noted landscape architect and environmental artist with particular skills in the integration of public art with landscape and urban design. From 1986 she has worked on a wide range of landscape projects varying from small-scale courtyard designs to large-scale masterplans.

In 1990, with Kevin Taylor, she formed the firm Kevin Taylor and Kate Cullity Pty Ltd. The first project she and Kevin worked on was the Box Hill Community Arts Centre, a project that has won numerous awards, and is a building and landscape that is often referred to as a landmark in terms of creative collaboration between architects, landscape architects, artists and community.

Kate’s background in botany, and her strong personal interest in horticulture has resulted in her involvement in the plant selection and design of sites throughout Australia. Kate’s commitment to research of local indigenous species, as well as her knowledge of a wide range of native and exotic plants, has proved an invaluable asset to the company.

Kate also works as an artist and has been commissioned by agencies such as the City of Melbourne, Melbourne International Festival, The McClelland Survey, the National Museum of Australia and International Garden Festivals in France and Canada.

Kate is also skilled in arts co-ordination and arts program development. She is recognised for her ability to understand the integrated nature of landscape design and art and devise, co-ordinate and implement sensitive and creative projects; where appropriate involving members of the community, while maintaining the high quality essential to public artwork.

Kate was a member of the Arts SA Public Art Committee, 1997-1999, the Adelaide City Council Urban Design Advisory Panel 2004-2007 and the Council Public Art Committee 2004-2006.

Since 1990 Kate has worked throughout mainland Australia on a wide range of landscape, urban design and public art projects, both as a landscape designer and as an artist. During this time she has also spoken at a number of national and international conferences and seminars on her practice’s approach to landscape architecture and public art.

Kate has special skills in the design of residential gardens, her work in this area having been extensively published internationally. Kate was one of four inaugural recipients of the AILA National Edna Walling Award for Residential Design in 2006.

  • Design of public spaces and streetscapes in urban and regional contexts
  • Design of residential gardens
  • Planting design and research
  • Environmental sculptural installations
  • Community Consultation
  • Management of public art projects
Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda Forest designed by HASSELL
Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda Forest designed by HASSELL
Landscape Garden Design Adelaide
Landscape Garden Design Adelaide
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