Unique Landscape Designs

May 16, 2017
Unique Landscape Designs

Unique Landscape DesignWhether one is looking for basic backyard landscaping or a complete Phoenix Landscape and Pool project – Unique Landscapes is your leading expert for landscaping in Phoenix! Unique Companies continues to be your area specialist for all aspects of landscaping, landscape design and pool construction. Phoenix has always been a prime location for outdoor living, with our mild winters, hot summers, and overall desire for living outdoors. Most Arizonans maintain this strong design to be outside, entertain outdoors and showcase their backyard landscaping.

It seems that “keeping up with Jones’” mentality has a large effect on what people desire to see in a typical landscape project. Unique Landscapes is a Phoenix-based landscape and pool company that specializes in all aspects of your complete Arizona landscape construction needs. We have lived and worked in the Phoenix area for over 15 years, we understand all the local niches, the HOA’s, the city requirements for permitting and engineering, etc.

Unique Companies Custom Landscaping Areas:

Phoenix Landscaping – Unique Landscapes is a Landscape and Pool company that specializes in all aspects of Phoenix Landscaping, Phoenix Landscapes, and Phoenix landscape designs for its Arizona landscape customers.

Arcadia Landscaping – Unique is an experienced Arcadia District landscape and pool contractor. Arcadia is located in Central Phoenix where Unique is a landscaping expert! Click here for more info on Arcadia landscape and pools.

Ahwatukee Landscaping – Ahwatukee Foothills requires an experienced landscape and pool contractor with a complete understanding of all the challenges that landscaping and remodeling in Ahwatukee may possess. Click here for more info on Ahwatukee and Ahwatukee Foothill landscape & swimming pools.

Beautiful Landscape in Cave CreekAnthem Landscaping – Anthem and Anthem Country Club continue to be ranked as great places to live. See how Unique incorporates our landscaping and swimming pools into all of our Anthem projects. Unique understands the types of Phoenix landscapes that Anthem Arizona residents desire.

Chandler Landscaping – One of the Southern-most cities in Phoenix, Chandler maintains it’s top spot as a “Unique Landscapes favorite city” – simply because we do LOTS of work in Chandler! Chandler also is home to some of our best and most spectacular projects – you’ve got to see them!

South Mountain Area – The South Mountain Area of Phoenix can be tricky in managing all aspects of the Preserved Area, Phoenix’s permitting and planning department, as well as desert Phoenix landscaping and mountainous terrain. Unique has numerous South Mountain, Phoenix landscape and pool projects under its belt – see how we can help.

Scottsdale Landscaping – As a Scottsdale landscape company, we specialize in Scottsdale landscaping, Scottsdale landscape design and Scottsdale swimming pools. Check out some of our best in Scottsdale Landscaping and Pools.

Mesa Landscaping – Unique Landscapes is located in Mesa, Arizona and continues to be one of the leading Mesa landscaping and pool companies. As a Mesa landscaping company, Mesa landscape design company, and Mesa pool company – we are local pool and landscape experts for Mesa.

Pool, Landscape and Travertine PaversQueen Creek Landscaping – The most recent housing boom allowed Queen Creek to get on the map. Since then, it’s been a great place to buy a nice home with lots of land! With all this land comes a ton of opportunity for Unique Landscapes, and all aspects of what we offer to our clients.

Peoria Landscaping – One of the furthest north cities in Phoenix, Peoria is home to some rapid expansion – and many nice places to live. These areas allow Unique to showcase some of our feature work, designs, and installations.

Fountain Hills Landscaping – If you live in Fountain Hills, then you most likely have a VIEW! Our Fountain Hills projects allow our clients to enhance their view with patios, landscaping and swimming pools.

The basics: A typical landscape project requires just a few of the basic features. A good irrigation system is the backbone to all Phoenix landscaping projects. With temperatures reaching 100 degrees plus for the better part of 4 months, all the Arizona plants and trees require adequate irrigation, proper drainage, and routine fertilization & care. Landscape rock/gravel, concrete patios, and maybe some grass are the “basics” in every backyard.

The upgrades: All of our Phoenix residents are content with the basics, but those serious about outdoor living have got to “splurge” with a few of the Arizona “must-have’s”! The builder patio (10’ wide x 10’ long) is out, and patio extensions are in! Most of our landscape designs factor in more patio space, and entertainment features such as a small fire pit, swimming pool, water feature or barbecue island. A good landscape project has something different, a focal feature, etc. These items do require our clients to increase their landscape budget a bit, but it’s well worth it – for the immediate impact in their new backyard landscape.

The “Premium”: The truly committed Arizonan is dedicated to outdoor living. The lifestyle we have grown to love is completed by a magnificently landscaped backyard. Phoenix maintains the highest population of Arizona landscapes and our “PREMIUM” customers wouldn’t enjoy the outdoors as much without our high pressure mist system, lighting systems, swim-up bars and outdoor kitchens. Our most popular items these days are our travertine paver patios, custom fireplaces and fire channels, and resort-style swimming pools and spas. These features complete our “Premium” Phoenix landscaping projects.


1. Make sure a premium irrigation system is a primary focus, it will pay off in water efficiency & ease of use. Make your next Phoenix landscape project the best.
2. Create a focal feature – this can be a water feature, fireplace, large tree, etc…. Anything to anchor the landscaping in your backyard. Front yard landscape focal feature? Well, this should be your house!
3. Invest in a Phoenix landscape design. Many people are looking for the best deal and who can get the project done quickly and efficiently. In doing so, they are making the single biggest mistake in the landscape and pool industry – NOT GETTING A MASTER PLAN. Our andscaping experts can help.

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