Landscape Designers Perth WA

April 1, 2017
Landscape Designers Perth Wa

We offer clients a complete garden design service. This includes an initial consultation, design and construction services in Perth, WA.

Whether it’s a one hour consultation or a garden design proposal for a million dollar make-over, Landscape Constructions would be delighted to help you. Our experienced team will design a garden space that is practical for the area and complements the surrounding landscape.

Initial Consultation

The initial visit by a member of our design team will discover what you want to see in your garden design. You will discuss with the designer about goals of the project and the working budget. This is also when a timeline will be created so that the landscaping will be completed to the right specifications on time.

Each garden that we design is completely unique. This is because every client is different. We do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach and the initial consultation is where we get to know you and your family. Learning about how you interact in your garden space is integral to providing you with a garden that you will continue to love season after season.

Garden Designs Planning

A plan of your new garden will be drafted by one of our skilled garden designers. The plan will be based on the initial consultation taking into account your needs and the overall goals of the landscape. You will then be shown the final draft. This will give you the opportunity to envisage your future garden. After you have given us your approval we will begin to put together your dream garden.

After the approval of the garden designs we will proceed to complete your new garden design using the plants & construction materials specified – and to the agreed budget. After designing and constructing your garden we can also continue to maintain the landscape. This will ensure that the design remains as intended as the plants and grass grow.

Amazing Before and After Shots from Landscape Designer
Amazing Before and After Shots from Landscape Designer ...
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Landscaping & Kerbing Perth Western Australia
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Landscaping Services Perth - WA Waterwise Solutions
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