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June 10, 2016
Creative outdoor pergolas

Foreback 9Landscaping, Garden Designing and Nursery Industry Lecture Programs

Although based in the Allentown, PA, the company and its dedicated professional landscape executives are committed to providing the finest in horticultural, design, and educational programs for horticultural seminars, nursery conferences, Garden Club programs and landscape industry inspirational messages to national audiences. Call, write or E-mail us at any of the addresses given and let us know your dates and expectations.Kelley BS 4 Fees are negotiable and related to the length of the program and the distance from Allentown.

Small Landscaping Smarts
Designing gardens and landscaping, whether in a courtyard or a 40 acre estate can maximize the impact while minimizing the budget. With the perfect combination of plants, hardscape elements, landscaping and outdoor lighting for the client's after-hours enjoyment, small gardens can deliver the ultimate in personal lifestyle satisfaction.

Who Ya Gonna Call?: Landscape Design Resources
The landscape design professional has an arsenal of tools with which to work.planting and urn From professional credentials and industry recognition to knowing what to buy from whom, this talk delivers names and addresses of a vast array of support organizations and trade providers for the dedicated landscape design professional or the passionate amateur.

Cornerstones of Landscape Design
Everything you need to know about landscape design with the right plants in the right places for the right reasons. This is a back-to-basics, no-nonsense approach to the elements and principles of design. The talk is illustrated with photos of installed gardens from one of the country’s most award-winning landscape design/build companies.bluestone terrace steps stepping stone in lawn This hour lecture can be expanded into a half or full day concentration in how to get the details right in landscaping design

Continuous Bloom in Your Garden Design
Frederick Learey will use his knowledge of the vast array of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses, spring flowering bulbs and unique ground covers to emphasize continuous bloom in designing outdoor garden spaces. His presentation is not just about plant knowledge in selecting for continuous bloom, but about the combination of creating spaces that have continuous bloom as part of their beauty and interest. He will be showing examples of various gardens that illustrate the principles and elements of design. You will be challenged to paint color pictures with the plant palette that you choose.

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Garden Landscaping Ideas - garden design - garden landscaping
Garden Landscaping Ideas - garden design - garden landscaping
Minecraft Tutorial: Modern Garden Landscape Design Ideas
Minecraft Tutorial: Modern Garden Landscape Design Ideas ...
Landscape Gardening Job | #2 of 4 Design Ideas | MyBuilder
Landscape Gardening Job | #2 of 4 Design Ideas | MyBuilder
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