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March 24, 2016
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Vip3D LogoThis month marks the sixth anniversary of VIP Suite. To celebrate, we’re introducing three exciting new tools and enhancements, all designed to help make it faster and easier for you to create the show-stopping designs and presentations your customers love.

Want to see what's new? Our team has been working on some very exciting updates, and today we’re happy to share with you new features, new tools, and a brand new name for one of our programs!

Drum roll, please . . .

  • Exciting new tools (including the all-new SketchUp Importer, and more) that will help you create designs that are even more spectacular.
  • A refreshed new website (with new logos!) that makes it faster to find the information and the account management pages you need most.
  • A new name for VIP Suite — read on to find out why we’re renaming VIP Suite to Vip3D.

Meet Vip3D (Visualize Infinite Possibilities in 3D)

Vip3D is more than just a new name. It is the new 3D design package that goes beyond just landscape design software and pool design software. It is a new way of approaching outdoor living design.

vip3D_Pool_and_landscape_design_software_color_schemeWith Vip3D, we’re adding totally unique enhancements — tools, features, and options that you can only find in Vip3D (we’re introducing some special tools today — stay tuned to learn what’s coming in future updates).

As much as we liked the meaning behind VIP Suite (what’s not to like about VizTerra In Pool Studio?), our team wanted the name to better reflect our focus on helping members use 3D tools not just to create those awesome designs and spectacular 3D presentations but also to see great sales results and an impressive boost in closing ratios.

Vip3D is no longer just VizTerra in Pool Studio. It is much, much more. So we renamed VIP Suite to Vip3D (Visualize Infinite Possibilities in 3D) to reaffirm our commitment to helping you achieve amazing results through 3D outdoor living design software. With the new Vip3D name, our team stays focused on finding new, ever-better ways to help improve lives through 3D experiences.

How Did VIP Suite Become Vip3D?

Since launching in 2009, VIP Suite has regularly been updated to make it better, faster, and easier for high-end outdoor living, pool, and landscape designers to design the visually stunning, truly impressive designs and presentations that have helped users like you grow their businesses.

Vip3D Pool and Landscape Design Software Sketchup ImportSo we’re always very happy to hear from our members when they tell us how each VIP Suite update has helped them.

Perhaps you found that you saved a lot of time after VIP Suite gave you the power to design both custom pools and unique landscapes from within the same program, without needing to open (and manage) separate files.

Or perhaps you have found that taking advantage of the gorgeous artistic fills and image effects — the vivid paint options, the elegant charcoal finish, or the beautiful watercolor choice — has helped you impress your customers with unforgettable renderings of their future outdoor living spaces.

Perhaps you have another favorite VIP Suite enhancement — like the new Video Mode options or the Camera Focal Length choices that have made it easy to capture both close-up views of your projects as well as grand-scale overviews.

While we're celebrating VIP Suite’s sixth anniversary, let's introduce a few more exciting new changes. Perhaps today’s update will include the one you like best.

See the New Color Scheme

To make designing in Vip3D a better, more user-friendly, and more enjoyable experience, we’ve added a new high-contrast color scheme that we think you’ll love.

Import Your Favorite SketchUp Models

With the all-new SketchUp Importer, available today to our Vip3D members, you can now interface with SketchUp, bring in models, and then add texture and fully render in 3D any object from the millions of amazing items available online to SketchUp users.

That means you now have access to the huge, completely free library of models in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

You can add anything you like to your designs, whether that means you add some new furniture to your client’s deck or you include a 3D model of their new sports car in their driveway.

Plus, you can modify those models as much or as little as you like.

Whether you create your own objects in SketchUp or select from the millions available in the 3D Warehouse, it’s easy to import SketchUp objects and then edit those objects the same way you’d edit any other library items in Vip3D.

Sketchup Import Vip3D Website
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