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April 29, 2016
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Landscape Design­1. Why earn a Certificate in Landscape Design?
Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education offers the only Certificate in Landscape Design within the GTA. Our 25-year-old program continues to evolve through the introduction of new courses, new instructors, and new ways of understanding our built and natural environment. During your educational journey through the Landscape Design certificate program, you will discover the concepts and practices of universal design principles, horticultural science, sustainability and design, graphic communications, model making, construction techniques in the built form, and computer aided drawings. Many courses are framed within the social, ecological, economic, and political context of historic precedence, today’s concepts, and tomorrow’s ideas.

Each student comes from a unique set of life experiences related to age, work experience, and education. Here are several general backgrounds that will give you an idea of the range of experience our students have:

  • people pursuing a personal interest in connecting or re-connecting to the natural world
  • people in municipal parks departments who wish to formalize their knowledge and build careers
  • people working in either landscape design or landscape trade who want to formalize their knowledge and understanding of landscape materials and design processes
  • people with prior post-secondary education in a variety of fields who require landscape courses to improve their eligibility for master’s level landscape architecture programs
  • people in the workforce who are considering a career change or work that involves landscape design
  • people approaching retirement who wish to undertake a second career

­3. Where do I start? What courses should I begin with?
We recommend you begin our program with one of the following courses: CKLA 300 or CKLA 320. These courses present important academic information and skills that will be applied to future courses.

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