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January 31, 2017
Landscape Design Colorado

Xeriscape FlowersXeriscaping is a smart, ecologically sound, and sustainable approach to landscaping. With conscious watering practices and a plant selection fit for our region, your Xeriscape will not only have maximum curb appeal, but it can also increase your property value! Now, that’s worth investing in!

“Xeriscape” is a Colorado coined term that stems from the Greek word “xeros”, meaning dry. Although no water is a bit of a stretch, Xeriscaping is a way to save water, time, and money with Colorado’s unique soil conditions and semi-arid climate.

Personal Touch uses the latest technology to make the most of your water. We install low-water usage irrigation, including drip systems, rain sensors, & microsprays that allow you to add flowers, shrubs and trees to your Xeriscape areas.

Our Xeriscape specialists follow the Seven Principles of Xeriscape Design and add a personal touch to provide you with a beautiful water-wise property.

#1| Planning & Designing Your Xeriscape – First, we’ll assess your existing landscape & determine your soil types, which existing plants you’d like to keep, & what new features you’d like to add to your landscape. Next, we will divide your landscape into three water-usage zones; a regular watering zone, a limited watering zone, & a low-usage to no-usage zone.Xeriscaping Based on preference & designated watering zones, we can determine where you’d like your hardy perennials, your colorful succulents, & your vibrant decorative grasses.

#2| Evaluate Your Soil – Once we’ve collaborated on your Xeriscape design, we’ll evaluate your soil to ensure it has good moisture retention & proper drainage. We can add soil amendments & compost to infuse your existing soil with proper nutrients.

#3| Practical Turf Areas – For a sustainable landscape, your turf patch should be practical in size, function, & location. Our Xeriscape specialists will design & install a turf area large enough for your activities & curb appeal, but not so large that you’re wasting water. We can even offer you other hardy, drought-resistant alternatives for your lawn.

#4| Use Region Specific Plants & Group According to Water Need – To maximize efficiency in your Xeriscape, it is best to group your plants by similar water need, light requirements, & soil type. We’ll help you select climate-appropriate plants for your Xeriscape & hydrozone, or group water-loving plants together to maximize water efficiency. With hydrozoned, water-conscious irrigation, we’ll ensure your plants stay healthy without wasting a drop of water!

Xeriscaping#5| Water with Proper, Low-Usage Irrigation – Your Xeriscape can save you up to 60% of regular water use with proper irrigation. Our Xeriscape specialists will design a custom irrigation system to maximize your water efficiency & your wallet size! By using specialized spray-head irrigation on your turf & ground covers, & drip irrigation for your decorative plants, shrubs, & trees, you’ll save time, money & water while maintaining a beautiful outdoor space!

#6| Mulching – Mulching around your shrubs & perennials will curb surface evaporation & weeds, while helping to keep the soil cool. Consider using mulched planting beds in large areas for less water use, more erosion control, & for decorative interest!

#7| Maintenance – All quality landscapes will need some maintenance. However, with expert planning, creative design, & climate-specific plants, the maintenance on your Xeriscape can be reduced drastically from other garden & landscape designs. With proper scheduled maintenance, your Xeriscape will require less watering, less pruning, & less fertilizing!

With careful planning & creative designs, your custom Xeriscape will be blooming with bright colors & bursting with brilliant foliage. Still don’t believe it…

Check Out Our Local Xeriscape Demonstration Gardens!

Visit the Demonstration Gardens at the Colorado Springs Utilities Conservation & Environmental Center located at 2855 Mesa Road, 80904, or at Cottonwood Creek Park located at 3920 Dublin Blvd, 80918. Their website also has an extensive Xeriscape Plant Database where you can view photos and browse plants proven to grow in this area!

Ute Valley Memorial Bench - Colorado Springs
Ute Valley Memorial Bench - Colorado Springs
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