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June 30, 2017
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Beautiful Residential LandscapeIf you’re ready to turn your yard into a breathtaking work of landscape art, then spring is the best time to get started. Whether you’re stuck on deciding between an outdoor kitchen with a wood-fire pizza oven or a comfortable lounge for star gazing, we have a few spring landscape design ideas to help you fully realize your dream yard.

Clean Up and Maintenance First

Before you break ground with your new landscape project, it’s a good idea to pick up any trash, sticks, leaves, and other yard debris that may have fallen during the winter. This will give you a “clean slate” to work with so you can fully concentrate on bringing your new landscape designs to life. If you have an irrigation system, this is a good time to check for damaged sprinkler heads and leaky pipes, as these are especially common problems after months of cold weather. Other maintenance items include servicing your lawn mower, inspecting outdoor spigots, and taking an inventory of garden tools that need to be replaced.

Once you finish your spring cleanup, it’s time to get your yard into shape.

Boost Aesthetic Appeal with Hardscapes

Installing hardscapes, such as retaining walls and pavers, are great spring projects to boost your home’s curb appeal. As the name suggests, retaining walls “retain” soil between two different elevations and prevent your sloped lawn from intruding into unwanted areas. Available in rock, concrete, timber, or brick, retaining walls are built to last, as landscape designers use them in various climates and weather conditions with great success.

If you’re tired of walking through mud and grass in your yard, paving stones make excellent walkways and require little maintenance from season to season. Versatile and weather resistant, pavers can be installed in virtually any landscape regardless of shape, plus they work well to reduce excessive foot traffic in your lawn.

Add Functionality with Outdoor Living Spaces

Not all landscapes are used to their full potential. Some yards serve as mere dumping grounds while others are a lonely, unfrequented part of the property. With an outdoor living area, you can repurpose your yard for a functional space that truly suits your lifestyle, so you always have a comfortable place to enjoy the sunshine on a warm spring day. Perhaps you can clear out that old yard debris pile for a pergola or even a gazebo to entertain guests and family, or maybe you can remove that hideous tree stump in the backyard and install an outdoor fire pit in its place. When it comes to outdoor living spaces the options are endless.

Create Ambiance

For your next outdoor project, try sprucing up your yard with amenities that create an inviting ambiance. LED exterior lights, for example, are a great way to set a relaxing tone for any yard, not to mention their modest light will keep your outdoor get-togethers going long after sundown. And of course nothing sets the mood of your backyard quite like the soothing sound of flowing water from an outdoor water feature or a comfy outdoor patio set surrounded by flickering bamboo torches. With the right ambiance in your yard, you can transform your outdoor space into a sacred haven that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy.

Examples of Our Work.Landscape Design: Bucks County, PA
Examples of Our Work.Landscape Design: Bucks County, PA ...
Landscape Design.
Landscape Design.
Chris Orser Landscaping; Paver Design Example
Chris Orser Landscaping; Paver Design Example
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