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October 7, 2015
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Works of ArtisTree

Whether you’re a homeowner or a residential builder, you’ll see the ArtisTree difference right away. We listen. Really listen. We won’t even begin the design process until we have a clear understanding of what your vision is. Next thing you know, our award-winning designers are presenting you with sustainable creations that meet your needs in brilliant and unexpected ways while increasing the value of your property. ArtisTree is the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for.

People, Passion, Purpose

Our backgrounds are as varied as a sprawling botanical garden. Beyond our collective education, nursery operations and horticultural field experience are passionate individuals who work tirelessly to give you truly custom designs.

Our Process Is All-Encompassing

ArtisTree literally approaches your project from the inside out. We’ll ask to tour your interior residence so we can customize a design that integrates with your décor and overall architecture. Whether you’re a retired couple who only needs a few shrubs or a builder constructing a -million home, your ArtisTree-created landscape will be both unique and viable.

Lighting & InstallationDuring the design process, we’ll also consider what’s beneath the surface including irrigation, wiring and soil quality. You’ll then be presented with a plan mapping out essential landscape features and plant life. Expect our proposal to be exceptionally detailed with full-color photos.

Green Means Go

After the design concept is completed, ArtisTree works closely with construction managers representing builders or property owners to establish an installation schedule. While we’re always deadline-driven, we never compromise workmanship.

Hardscape Design & InstallationPost-installation is important to us, too. We’re not a company that disappears after your new landscape is nestled in. If you have questions, call anytime.

Lighting and Installation

Museums are super critical about their lighting and so are we. Whether your tastes lean toward subtle or dramatic, our designers can bring your vision to light with cost-efficient LED systems from reputable manufacturers. Dimming, brightening, color-tinting, custom settings through Wi-Fi — with LED lighting you’re all set to enjoy a beautifully lit and safe environment long after sundown.

Hardscape Design and Installation

ArtisTree believes every outdoor element has to integrate in a natural way or else it looks like it’s just been dropped into place. Whether you’re thinking of a tranquil garden space or a grander grand entry, our designers and masonry team will create a well-balanced landscape that looks like it’s always been there. Let’s discuss what you have in mind.

Irrigation System Design & Installation• Retaining walls • Water features • Fire pits • Arbors • Bocce courts • Pergolas • Paver or flagstone pathways or patios • Tiki huts • Outdoor living spaces

Irrigation System Design and Installation

We have several homeowners who have substantial backgrounds in irrigation systems, and they all agree that ArtisTree is truly an irrigation expert and a pleasure to work with.” – F.G.

ArtisTree designs and installs irrigation systems to maintain the health of your property in an intelligent way. Together, our irrigation and landscape design teams carefully map out planting zones to ensure plants with similar water needs are properly grouped and the right amount of water applied. We are proficient with all irrigation methods, manufacturers and models:

• Electrical and hydraulic systems
• Clock and rain gauges
• Drip lines, mini spray heads

An ArtisTree extra: We’ll show you how to monitor your system to ensure your plant material is properly hydrated and the irrigation infrastructure is secured. That way you’ll avoid over-use and possible damage to your driveways and sidewalks.

Water Truck Services

Our company-owned, 2, 000-gallon water baby is a welcome sight on new-install projects. Should you need additional deep watering to get your new plantings firmly established, we’re happy to provide you with an estimate.

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Entrance Landscape 3D Design in South Florida
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free landscape design plans florida
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