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December 20, 2016
Victoria Medal for Landscape

narrabeen-middle-creek-bridgeOur agenda for the event was pretty simple:

  1. Present the design (we started off with presentations from Warringah Council, Thompson Berrill Landscape Design and our own project team, concentrating on the inspiration behind the vision, and then how brought it all to life)
  2. Take a walk (along the trail and conduct an interactive review of the major design elements. A beautiful section of the total trail, the recently completed 1 kilometre link includes magnificent creek crossings, meandering walks through rainforest-like surrounds and idyllic locations where walkers and cyclists can rest and meditate.)
  3. Head back for a gourmet luncheon (think slow cooked Rib-Eye Beef and grilled New Zealand Wild Salmon, enjoyed under the canopy of the trees within the Middle Creek Reserve.)
The event was a short journey of discovery in itself, and as, Director, Thompson Berrill Landscape Design, said so accurately “It is a journey for people who use the trail, and the bridges that Fleetwood have built, provide that opportunity”.

If you want the opportunity to be a part of our Interactive Open Days in the future, just click the button below. We’d love to have you along next time.

narrabeen-charles-munro-presentingView of the 32 metre Pedestrian Bridge crossing South Creek

The official opening of the Trail, including the new pedestrian bridges was held by Warringah Council on 25th February. Mayor, Michael Regan led the ribbon cutting. Image courtesy of Warringah Council.

Charles Munro, Major Projects Manager| Natural Environment at Warringah Council, presented at Fleetwood's Open Day on February 26th. He gave an overview of the history of the project and discussed the importance of the trail within the Warringah area.

CouncilRibbon-Cutting narrabeen-glenn-berrill-presenting
Swimming Pool with Landscape Design
Swimming Pool with Landscape Design
NJ-Luxury Landscape Swimming Pool Architects Designers
NJ-Luxury Landscape Swimming Pool Architects Designers
Triad Landscape Design Group: Swimming Pool 3D Animation.wmv
Triad Landscape Design Group: Swimming Pool 3D Animation.wmv
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