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September 25, 2015
Various Sorts of Landscape
The purpose of the Downtown Neighborhoods Design Assistance Program is to encourage renovation and rehabilitation of owner-occupied homes in the Downtown Neighborhoods.

Upon staff approval, the program will pay for up to 5 (five) hours of professional design services by participating architects/designers. Additional work beyond the five hours are the responsibility of the property owner in agreement with the architect/designer. No work will be paid for retroactively.

Design services provided include renovation or rehabilitation of properties and/or landscape design services.


  • Any property owner who lives on their property may take advantage of the design service incentive.
  • The applicant must choose an architect/designer from a list of design service providers.
  • After the applicant has used up the 5 hours provided, the property owner becomes responsible for paying the architect/designer if the project requires more than 5 hours of work.
  • Use of design services must be arranged through the Housing & Neighborhoods Office. Limited funds are available and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Recipients may be requested to display a sign during the time that construction or improvements are made.
  • Any properties owned by the applicant may not be involved in court action with any City Department, including the Department of Community & Neighborhood Services.

Design Service Providers
Participating architects/designers are:

Amy Hagood, AeH Designs 990-3058
Andrew Baer, Architect 395-8235
Architects Collective 392-2366

Morna J. Hallsaxton, Interior Design Consultant, 355-0509, or 283-2150
Orrie Keyser, Keyser Freelance Design, 392-4250

Landscape Designers
Landscape Design Services, Rick Timmer 399-1734 (Not available April, May, June)
Bosch’s Landscape & Lawn Specialties, Bryan Drabczyk, 399-6861
Lots of Green, Rudy Vedovell, 335-5819
Greensward Landscaping, Inc., Emily Hemmeke, 738-7610
Sunset Lawn Services, Jesus Rodriguez 392-4035

Architects/Designers interested in participating in the program must contact the Ourstreet office to apply for participation.

Only architects/designers who can provide design services listed in this policy are considered for participation. Providers must sign the Design Service Providers Agreement prior to approval for services. See Supporting Documents below.

All exterior work on properties receiving design assistance must be submitted for review and approval prior to the start of construction or planned exterior improvements.

Return applications and direct comments to:

Sue Harder
Community & Neighborhood Services
270 River Ave.
Holland, MI 49423

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Landscape Design - Grüne Woche - HAS Fachhochschule
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