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May 26, 2016
Landscape Design, Las Vegas NV

Hi there, my name is Tom Hoff and I’m a landscape designer for Modern Landscape (my son Branden is also a designer for our company). We here at Modern Landscape offer two kinds of services:

  1. We design and install your landscape for you.
  2. We design it and hand over all the specs and then you install it.
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Option 1: We Do It For You

If you’re simply looking to hire a landscape company to come out and design and install your landscape for you, obviously #1 is the choice for you.

Whether it be a tropical garden, desert oasis, Mediterranean theme, or something abstract which will get the neighborhood buzzing about your garden, we can create a kick-butt design and plug it all into an economical price you can afford.

Option 2: We Design It, You Implement It

If you’re wanting to do the work yourself but aren’t really sure where to start, my son and I can help. We offer landscape consulting where one of us will come out to your home, listen to your wants, desires, and ideas and then will create you a landscape design fit to your vision.

Here’s a list of a few things you’d get from a consultation with us:

  • Complete landscape design
  • How much rock, fertilizer, grass, etc. you’ll need to order
  • Where you can get everything you’ll need
  • Recommendations on plants which fit within your budgetary needs and overall vision
  • Answers to all your questions

Get In Touch With a Las Vegas Landscaper

If you’re a do it yourself kind of person, this option might be best for you. Simply call us at 702-467-5645 to get started or use the form below to get a hold of either myself or my son, Branden.

Landscape Designer Las Vegas
Landscape Designer Las Vegas
Desert Gardens Landscaping in Las Vegas, NV
Desert Gardens Landscaping in Las Vegas, NV
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