Swimming pool Landscape Design Ideas

March 30, 2016
Swimming Pool Landscape Design

backyard swimming pool designsA private pool is not only a necessary attribute of “beautiful life”, which we used to see in movies. It is an opportunity of everyday swim in crystal clear water, frolic with children, and, of course, to fully relax and improve your health. Fortunately, now there are pools of different types. Everyone can find something that suits him – and for the price, and characteristics.

Currently, the design of swimming pool adjacent area is not very difficult, and to perform the planned project can people with average incomes. This concerns finishes suburban places for water treatment.

Prior to the pool construction

Before you plan and calculate the costs, you need to define several parameters. To solve the purpose for which the pool will be used. If for swimming, its size must be at least 20 feet in length. If this is the font after taking a bath treatment, the shape and size can be small. Also the design of the sauna with a swimming pool may include a Spa with Jacuzzi, or additional features for relaxation.

Also should consider the type of pool: outdoor or indoor, the planned placement of buildings on the land. How the pool design will fit the shape of the area and the whole house concept in general? Whether it’s light or inflatable option or capital construction for many decades inside the house? As you can see, there is a lot issues before determining the design of pool and its finishing.

before pool constructionEven if you have clearly identified what pool you need, where it will be, construction of the facility will cause a lot of additional questions. Easiest way is to contact a specialized firm where they will consider all requests, help to determine the landscaping around it, to consider all the geographical features of the area and gardens, calculate the cost of all components.

Backyard swimming pool designs

  • partially submerged, placed in the middle of the earthen soil;
  • installed entirely above ground.

For constructing of the base bowl used different materials. Lay out clay brick walls with a thickness of 10’’ or make the formwork and pour in rebar concrete, such a pool would be considered reinforced concrete. For the first two options are required project and the presence of adjacent space for the installation of pumping stations, equipment for water filtration and purification, sanitary items, communications, water heating elements, etc.

There are demountable pools with the inclusion of plastic or metal parts. Most budget option, polypropylene leak-proof design that do not require additional installation of waterproofing. Construction of indoor home pool should provide for the possibility of drainage. Exploitation of indoor pool is available during the entire calendar year.

backyard swimming pool squareThe principle of operation of the water system pools can be overflowing with a trough for water runoff and skimmer, when the water level is below the edge of the pool by 10 cm, and the removal of water is carried out through openings in the side walls.

Pool building stages

Stages of construction of the outdoor pool:

  • Site plan and layout design. The land area of the yard must be wider than the anticipated pool size. Here also consider at what level are ground water, as they could not destroy the structure. Building better located away from trees and shrubs.
  • Second stage cannot do without the involvement of specialized equipment such as excavators for digging the pit. The depth and width should be 50 cm larger on each side than the expected size of the pool bowl itself, since this distance will be required for the construction of formwork and mount waterproofing. But before you start mounting, clean the entire area from the roots and rubbish.
  • For quality manufacturing base of the bowl is necessary to provide drainage system with crushed stone, sand and gravel. Next, fit fittings for durability. Trace around the pool with mounted shuttering of solid wood with smooth edges. The thickness of the boards shall reach 2’’.
  • After mounting the casing with the struts need to choose quality concrete for pouring. It needs to be top class with a high level of water resistance to withstand the temperature difference. In dry weather, the concrete should be watered and the rest of the time covered with impervious material to protect from sunlight.
  • The interior finishing of the bowl. There can be ceramic tile, PVC coating and waterproofing fabric. After that summarizes and connects all communications and the necessary equipment.backyard swimming pool raised Ideally, the connection requires the following engineering systems: heat, sanitation, electricity and sewerage. This is also considered when planning the location, since the announcement of additional communications can be very costly.
  • Quality control. Pour water and watch during the week the water level. After that give the building an aesthetic look around, and start to enjoy water treatments.

Pool lighting

Every specialist in this field will say that the exterior lighting is based on several different principles, and often has a different purpose than the interior illumination. Fundamental here is the orientation of man in the landscape. Important, of course, the General concept of decor and compliance stylistic solutions architecture group.

It’s significant moments, since they are ultimately depends on the design of lamps, lighting line, colors, accenting. Historically, composition mainly rely on two different approaches. Fans of the classics adhere to the model, based on a “flood” light. Using the latter is easy to show the natural beauty of the water. The second method is a festival of experimental art. There is nothing forbidden, and the more unusual look to the content, the better. For this direction is appropriate red or yellow color of the water, the contour of the bowl, lit from inside, as if floating in zero gravity… And the whole composition can be supplemented by the music.

backyard natural swimming pool backyard swimming pool lagoon backyard swimming pool small square backyard swimming pool above ground lighted

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