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December 18, 2015
50 Cute Diner Names

2. Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture
The design team at ACLA “sculpts and navigates space through a seamless integration of landscape, art, and architecture. Our work draws boundaries with a controlled palette of materials, creating permeable edges that blur the line between the natural and built environment." This style helped ACLA to be awarded the 2014 Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award.

3. Bensley Design Studio
Located in Bangkok and Bali, BDS has been in business since 1989 and employs more than 150 designers, artists, landscape architects, interior designers, and architects. The company mostly designs for 5-star hotels, but strives to deliver the whole package, including unique details such as menus, trash cans, tables, and other site furnishings.

4. Design Workshop, Inc.
This world-renowned firm has been around for four decades and continues to be a leader in the design process, which is based on its own methodology. “DW Legacy Design is a proprietary process that seeks to imbue every project with a balance between environmental sensitivity, community connection, artistic beauty, and economic viability that demonstrates measurable results."


Also one of the largest firms, EDSA seeks to “improve the way the world looks, one project at a time, with passion, integrity, and the combined effort of more than 125 team members." During its 50 years in business, EDSA has earned more than 250 awards recognizing its projects for both innovation and sustainability.

6. Edmund Hollander Landscape Architects

Founded in 1989, this firm “seeks to create landscapes which serve as an extension of the constructed building, through scrupulous translation of architectural motifs into the landscape beyond." The American Society of Landscape Architects has recognized the firm on local and national levels every year from 2003 to 2011.

7. Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, Ltd.
Located in Seattle, Washington, this 15-year-old firm was the 2011 recipient of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt’s National Design Award. The firm designs so that “the landform of each space is carefully shaped to feel serenely grounded in its context and comfortable at all times – whether bustling with crowds, offering moments of contemplation, or doing both at once."

8. HMWhite Site Architects

HMWhite “prides itself on creating high-performance and multi-functioning landscapes that are rooted into the dynamic needs of the sites and its users." Award-winning projects include civic, commercial, housing/hospitality, institutional, and residential designs, all of which integrate the firm’s multi-cultural design philosophy. The firm was short-listed for the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt 2014 National Design award.

9. Hargreaves Associates
A relatively small firm with offices in the United States and England, this firm’s portfolio includes a wide range of urban design, waterfronts, public parks, and academic, corporate, institutional, and residential planning and design projects. “Hargreaves Associates has at its core a single overriding concern: connection — connection between culture and the environment, connection between the land and its people."

Check out the George Hargreaves book:
Landscape Alchemy: The Work of Hargreaves Associates

10. Hosper

Hosper, located in the Netherlands, is a multi-disciplinary design firm with focuses in landscape architecture and urban development. “The core principles of the Hosper design agency are collaboration and openness when drawing up plans." By allowing clients to have a hands-on experience with the design process, Hosper’s projects are truly a reflection of the people who enjoy them.

11. James Corner Field Operations
JCFO is a “leading-edge" urban design and landscape architecture firm based in New York City, with offices in London and Hong Kong. It is known for its high-profile urban projects, such as the High Line in New York City, Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tenn., and the post-games transformation of London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

12. Jones & Jones

“Devotion to place, community identity, and nature kindles our craft. Jones & Jones’ delivery on that promise stems from listening and learning from the land. We tell local truths with carefully chosen tools and materials — honoring the rhythms of nature, culture, and community." The firm’s philosophy includes seeing rivers as organisms, landscape immersion, “viewshed" mapping, watershed-based GIS models, using the landscape architect as the lead designer and, finally, the practice of honoring the relationship of people to place.

13. Landworks Studio, Inc.

Founded by Michael Blier, the award-winning “studio develops innovative landscapes for a range of project types. Team members, many active in design education, have diverse backgrounds. Their interdisciplinary process begins with collaboration, embracing input from clients, allied design professionals, and the community. They develop useful, meaningful, and lasting spaces that respond to scale and context."

14. Martha Schwartz Partners
With a belief that “design must be appreciated as a crucial factor in sustainability, " MSP creates landscapes that blend art and urbanism as the “foundation for sustainable cities that are healthy across all aspects and sectors of urban life." With a use of bold colors and strong shapes, the team “enables people to make an emotional connection to a place by imbuing it with character, memory, identity, orientation, and individuality."

15. MESA Design Group
MESA is an award-winning landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm based in Dallas, Texas, that has been in practice for more than 30 years. Its portfolio includes everything from intimate garden spaces to large-scale, comprehensive master-planning projects, all of which are created “with the understanding that what we do must be worthy of future generations."

16. Michael Van Valkenbugh Associates, Inc.

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Founded in 1982, MVVA “is a landscape architecture firm that creates environmentally sustainable and experientially rich places across a wide range of landscape scales, from city to campus to garden." The firm has been recognized by ASLA, the U.S. National Park Service, and the National Trust for Historic Places, as well as by numerous other groups, for its projects.

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