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February 24, 2017
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Landscape Design Consultant.

I offer my services on a freelance, consulting or contractual basis, for design/build Landscape Companies in the Toronto area.
Individuals or landscape companies would benefit from requesting my services when beginning the process of re-designing their gardens. I work with the client to comprehend their preferences, and then produce a design that is in keeping with their needs, to suit the architecture of their home. Then I work with the contractors to ensure that the completed garden adheres to the design concept, as specified.
Recently I completed the following Riverdale garden. The initial contractor hadn't given enough space for entertaining, and their plan for a grass lawn would have resulted in excessive and unnecessary maintenance of the lawn area. I enlarged the flagstone patio area to allow for table chairs and entertaining. The sunny green space allows for lawn chair lounging, and is virtually maintenance free, since no grass was utilized in the plan.
The client loved the new design. His wish was for elegant garden living. When he saw the difference, he didn't balk at the slight increase in price for my consulting services. I also explained the value of spending money on a garden that would last longer and flourish with the input of healthier soils and better lighting conditions.Picture The design/build company walked away with a much more successful business project and greater profit, while the happy client resulted in positive 'word-of-mouth' marketing!
I charged $2000.00 for the base design and planting plan. The design/build Landscape firm increased their profits on a project, and the client got a $50, 000. garden for about $30, 000.
Hiring my services as a design consultant is a win-win situation, with a better longer lasting and lower maintenance design for the client, and a better product and more successful result for the contractor.
Contact me via email:, for more information on my design services.
Below are images of some of the design projects I've completed in the past few years.

Private Garden Design, Riverdale, Toronto: Design repair, after customer not satisfied with former designer's concept.

Stone work: Excellent space for outdoor entertaining.

PictureEnlarged stone deck, wrapping around mature tree, creating a more successful entertaining space.

Maintenance free 'lawn' greenspace, for lawn chair relaxing and sunbathing.

Private landscape designs range from personal gardens to small parks, cottage landscapes, country estates.

2 designs for outdoor living

Planting Plan, rock garden, water feature, vegetation specifications.

Country Estate pool surround and curved stairs with planting plan.

Environmental Site Assessment

Pool Design specifications

Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, Ontario. 2.5 km Medicinal Trail, Native Plants, 2005

Royal Victoria Hospital medicinal plant 'wellness trail'.

Picture Picture Picture Picture
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